Business Technologies Services

  • System Implementation

    SolveCo assists with the implementation of packaged administrative software and/or the development of custom-designed applications and add-ons.

    Following consultation, the clients decides on the system. Business Technology Services applies their financial services knowledge and generic technical skills to participate in the implementation of any of the available software packages.

  • Data Migration

    SolveCo’s experience includes assisting with transferring data between systems when moving to a new administrative platform or when systems merge.

    Source data is analysed, extracted, transformed, mapped and loaded into destination table structures.

  • Automated Testing

    SolveCo implements automated testing software to automate the execution of tests and the comparison of actual vs. expected outcomes.

    Automated software testing is the best way to increase effectiveness, efficiency and coverage when testing software. Automated testing software is able to playback pre-recorded and predefined actions, to compare the results to expected behaviour and to report success or failure.

    Once automated tests are implemented they can be repeated and extended to perform tasks impossible with manual testing; automated software testing hence became an essential component of successful large implementation projects.

    Some benefits of automated testing solutions:

    • It saves time and money: every time code and/or configuration are modified, tests should be repeated. Manually repeating these tests is costly and time consuming. Once created, automated tests can be run over and over again at no additional cost. Executing automated tests are also much faster than manual testing
    • Automated testing improves accuracy: Even the most conscientious tester will make mistakes during manual testing. Automated tests perform the exact same steps every time they are executed
    • Increases test coverage: Automated testing can increase the depth and scope of tests to help improve quality. Lengthy tests can be run unattended and can even be run on multiple computers with different configurations
    • It does what manual testing cannot do: Automated testing can simulate thousands of virtual users interacting with network or web software and applications

  • Outsourced Administration

    SolveCo offers outsourced administration services to financial institutions and other providers of financial benefits. Any or all of the following administration processes can be outsourced to SolveCo:

    • New Business Capturing
    • Premium Collections (via Bank or other 3rd party)
    • Arrears Management
    • Policy Maintenance (Renewals, Billings, etc.)
    • Policy Servicing (Policy Amendments)
    • Claim Processing (Including Claim Underwriting)
    • Server Hosting
    • Backup Procedures and Disaster Recovery
  • Business Technology Services is involved in all phases of the System Development Life Cycle:

    • Requirements analysis: analyse user needs and define their requirements
    • Solution design: translate user requirements into a technical design (how will the required functionality be delivered to the user)
    • Development: develop and/or configure user requirements, acquire and install environments
    • Test: demonstrate that developed solution conforms to requirements
    • Implementation: implement the system into production
    • Operation and maintenance: support daily operation, periodic evaluation and updating


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