Modelling and Valuations:

Valuations and Capital Management

SolveCo assists corporate actuarial teams with life insurance business valuations, including statutory valuations in cooperation with the statutory actuary performing the necessary calculations and reconciliations.

We combine our theoretical and practical knowledge with the technical aspects of valuation software to add value and ensure that deadlines are met.

Share Price Valuations

We offer calculation of the fair value of share options, in accordance with IFRS 2 - Share-Based Payments. We focus in particular on the consideration of the Relative Total Shareholder Return condition of long-term share incentive schemes.

IAS19 Calculation

SolveCo regularly performs independent actuarial valuations of employer liabilities, including Post-retirement Medical Aid Benefits, Severance Packages and Long-term Service Awards.

These valuations are conducted in accordance with IAS19, the International Financial Reporting Standard on Employee Benefits, and by considering APN301, the Advisory Practice Note for the valuation of Post-Employment Health Care Benefit Plans.

SolveCo can report on the result and findings of the valuation, the methodologies used and the assumptions made.

Defined Contributions and Defined Benefit Valuations

Valuations include membership reconciliations and checking the build-ups and benefits paid. We provide a full report for each valuation. Valuation results are then presented to the Board of Trustees. For Defined Contribution Funds, valuations can be conducted either annually or on a three-yearly basis.

Benefit improvements might be assessed on an annual basis and will be included in the valuation.

Actuarial Projections

SolveCo can assist with actuarial projections to enhance your understanding of the impact of external and internal changes on your business.

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